Spring Cleaning Your Landscape

Spring is here and your landscape is about to come to life. Our maybe some crocuses or tulips have started popping up already. By the time summer is here, you want to be sure your landscape is looking great and is ready for new growth. That’s why a spring cleaning of your landscape is so important!

landscaping in spring in Colorado

Clean out any debris

First, you’re going to want to clean out any unwanted debris from your flower beds and landscaping. Over the winter such things as leaves, sticks, trash, and other items can get blow into your landscape and cause a lot of clutter. Clean out the landscape while being careful of any emerging bulbs and new growth on plants.

pruning shears for landscaping

Trim your plants

A lot of your plants within the landscape are going to have old, dead growth. Trim back all the dead material until you reach fresh growth. Spring is also the best time to prune your bushes, trees, and other plants. Pruning in the spring is beneficial because their season of growth is just ahead. And they’ll have plenty of time to heal and grow before winter comes again.

fertilize your plants

Fertilize your plants

Since your plants are about to start growing a lot within the next few months, now is a good time to give them a boost of fertilizer. You can use a granulated fertilizer that you sprinkle of the ground, or use a fertilizer in the water. Fertilizer will give your plants, especially blooming plants a jump start on their spring growth so you can expect more blooms and lush greenery.

starting seedling indoors in spring

Plant seedlings indoors

Whether you’re starting a garden or added some new flowers to the landscape, starting your seeds indoors where it’s warmer will help them to grow faster. Place them in the sunniest window in your home, or under grow lights if you have them. Starting seeds is really fun for all ages and is a great way to get your kids started on gardening and being outside.


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