OK, those of you who live in Colorado know you can’t just search for some of the most popular landscape ideas in general, right? Colorado, why we love her so much, offers those 4 seasons and you need some landscape ideas that will hold up in the hot summers to the harsh winters. So let’s look at 5 of the best landscaping ideas (excluding grass, because we ALL know that’s #1) for Colorado living!

1. Pergolas

Who doesn’t love a pergola? They just have that… vibe. You can make it as small and simple to high and mighty as you want! There’s so many different designs and sizes to decide on, making it available for large or small yards. You can hire someone to build it for you, or you can DIY (Do It Yourself) if you watch the right YouTube videos and read the right tutorials! Pergolas can be a stand-alone structure or you can attach it to the side of your house. The fun part is figuring out how to decorate it. Do you want to add a support for vines for that extra shade or privacy? What about a fire pit nestled under it? Would you believe me if I told you there was an Egyptian garden plan from 1400 BC that included a pergola? They didn’t have our mountains, though.

Popular additions include clay tiles, stone, canvas, plastic or even glass. You can add a patio set under it or even build an outdoor bar. Google Images or even use Pinterest to find ideas and brush up on knowledge of what wood to use if you’re building it yourself, what to stay away from, and ideas for design and decorating.

2. Fire Pits

You probably saw this coming a mile away, huh? One of my favorite things about backyard fire pits is you can use it no matter what the season is. And who doesn’t love those summer time s’mores? My second favorite thing is all the options you have to choose from! You can purchase a portable one or choose to have a built-in fire pit. You can choose between an In-Ground, Above-Ground Fire Pit, and even a Table Top Fire Pit. You can build it with bricks, boulders, stones, concrete, metal… heck, you can even build it in a water fountain! First decide how simple you want it or how prestige it will be, then you can decide whether you want to DIY, hire a professional to build it, or purchase a portable.

Find your ideas on Google Images (googling Backyard Fire Pit alone will get your gears turning) or find ideas on Pinterest. You may find new ideas you’ve never even considered before!

3. Decorative Rocks

Landscaping with Decorative Rocks is definitely a popular choice. It can be affordable depending on which rocks or gravel you choose, what size, and the size of the area you want to cover. If you want some really smart budgeting tips, then decorate with large rocks and boulders. If you visit your Public Lands Office, they charge a small fee (around $20) for a permit and you can drive to the mountains and pick up your chosen decorative rock. The fun thing about gravel is you can mix and match for different areas. Big boulders here… spread the gravel there… and WAH-LAH! You have your own Colorado haven that others will enjoy looking at, too!

4. Plants







Some of the most popular Colorado Landscaping and Xeriscaping Tips are given about plants. Plants (along with grass, of course!) will allow your house to be the best it can be. You can design your plant landscape to be low maintenance or high maintenance. It all depends on how much time you’re willing (and wanting) to put forth. If you are wanting Xeriscape plants for your Colorado landscape for low maintenance, then be sure to Google some options and get a feel for what you like. There are so many beautiful options out there. Shrubs are also a popular choice. Go to your local garden center and take some time to walk around and get a feel for what plants you take a liking to.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Last, but certainly not least. Exterior lighting to set the mood when the sun goes down! Oh my, the things you can do with this one. This can be combined with your pergola, rock landscaping, plant landscaping, and so much more. You can hang up string lights, line up lawn lanterns to light the way of your walk way, outline your stairs or walk way with LED Rope Lights, LED Planters, Solar Garden Stakes, shine lights on your plants and trees and against the exterior of your house… you can have so much fun with this one.

Have any other popular ideas or tips for landscaping in Colorado? I welcome your thoughts. Comment below!

-Julia Seglund