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If you are looking for a new and exciting activity in Montrose CO, you may be interested in SUP Yoga. This class combines traditional yoga with Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) boards to provide a nontraditional yoga experience. In this class, you will be atop a stand-up paddleboard in a pool as you complete yoga exercises. This class is for all skill levels and will use simple movement and yoga poses, as not to put too much strain on participants. If you are local and looking for new ideas rather than barbequing or improving your property’s landscape, then this class may be for you. Keep reading to find out more information about the class.

A yoga class.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids and Adults

Yoga can be beneficial for both children and adults as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and is a less intense exercise compared to conventional weight lifting. The following are typical benefits you can expect from completing yoga exercises regularly.


Yoga directly relates to flexibility in that almost all exercises are stretching some part of your body. Commonly recommended, you should stretch before you engage in any physical activity, such as weight lifting or playing a sport. Yoga IS stretching and can help loosen not only joints but also tight muscles. After working out, your muscles can retain lactic acid causing soreness and fatigue. Stretching helps to release this lactic acid leaving your muscles feeling much better.

Muscle Strength and Tone

If you have ever held a yoga pose or even something similar, you may have noticed certain parts of your body shaking as you hold the pose for long periods of time. The shaking comes from the weight of your body inducing muscular contraction. This muscular contraction is the same type of contraction you get from lifting weights yet, instead of using a dumbbell your body weight acts as the dumbbell. Consistently performing these actions will start to tone and build muscle strength in your body.

May Reduce Stress

Stress is something that most people have to live with on a daily basis and can have severe effects on your heart. Yoga seeks to battle stress through controlled breathing and meditation. Taking deep slow breaths can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Doing so while imagining you’re in a serene place can help to bring down your heart rate.

Aid with Circulatory Health

The circulatory system in your body is responsible for carrying blood through blood vessels around your body. It is oxygenated in your lungs where it can then be dispersed to the rest of the body. Yoga exercises help to stretch your body’s major blood vessels aiding in keeping them elastic and free-flowing. Yoga breathing can assist in oxygenating your blood. With breathing and exercising combined, you stand a better chance of your muscles and brain receiving more oxygen which can improve mood, alertness, and memory.

Protection From Injury

No, yoga cannot help your body become bulletproof, but it can protect parts of your body from exercise-related injury or even normal wear and tear. A consistent yoga regimen can strengthen your spine and muscles, and promote the health of your bones. The stretching exercises in yoga can also help your ligaments and tendons become less susceptible to breaking down.

SUP Yoga Program Information

Doing yoga on a lake

General information

Hosted by Yoga House in partnership with Montrose Kayak and Surf, SUP Yoga will be located at the Montrose Rec Center. The cost of the class will be $25 per person for each lesson. The price also includes stand-up paddle boards. The classes will be limited to only ten people per class but do run through winter. Due to the limited class size, reserve your spot sooner than later to ensure you can get the spot you would like. The class will begin at 7 pm and run until 8:15 pm. It is recommended you come ten minutes before class starts and that you wear comfortable clothes for working out, but also clothes that you are not worried about getting wet. Bringing a rash guard and a towel are also suggested.

Class Dates

  • October 4 & 18
  • November 1 & 15
  • December 6 & 20
  • January 10 & 17
  • February 7 & 21
  • March 7 & 21
  • April 4 & 18

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