Just a couple years after the formation of the Montrose Water Sports Park and a year after the grand opening of the new Community Rec Center, the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Mayfly Outdoors Building and Ross Reels was a community-supported celebration! While this will be a 10-15 year project for Colorado Outdoors, it is very exciting for the whole community to see construction beginning on the new Montrose, Colorado facility. This historic project is now in progress to a brighter future for the growing town of Montrose, CO. This growth means supporting thousands of jobs, manufacturers of fishing gear to move to our area,

Over 160 acres along the Uncompahgre River will be put to use for the outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to everyone within our community who were involved. The success of being awarded the largest Great Outdoors Colorado grant in Montrose history is all thanks to the partners working together.

Montrose’s motto of “Stay Here, Play Everywhere” is stating what Montrose is all about. We are always encouraging the “get outside and play” mentality. This includes hiking, climbing, fishing, and rafting; So to hear this groundbreaking project of buildings to welcome the move of outdoor companies and manufacturers, open and modern trails, and available places to go fly fishing is huge news for our community.

Montrose is constantly improving the quality of life for the residents. Montrose genuinely wants a better place for our kids to grow up in, and it’s a business-friendly town. So to hear this groundbreaking news of a campus being developed on a 164 acre site along our Uncompahgre River will be used for the perfect outdoor-rich experience for companies, their employees, their families, and the surrounding community. People will be able to use this area for recreational fly fishing. To preserve the valuable wetlands and riparian habitats, a trail system will be built alongside the Uncompahgre River. A total of 41 acres of this land will be set aside for conservation.

The master plan for this project will have a hotel, restaurant sites, and retail stores on one end, and they will have quality, modern housing units on the other end featuring open space and trail access adjoining the properties.

Being a real estate agent in the Montrose, Colorado area is such a fulfilling career because I get to help people move to one of the most admired, evergrowing city in the world. Want to be part of a business-friendly community with a lot of opportunity? Contact me to start your home search in Montrose, CO.