Horses are truly amazing animals, and horseback riding is a great adventure often forgotten about. Horseback riding can definetely be enjoyed in the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to own a horse, or multiple. Maybe you don’t own one, but love riding them or want to learn to ride one.  You may have a lot experience horseback riding and can’t get enough of it. Maybe you have little experience and want to explore more to get better, or maybe you’ve never been horseback riding before. Whichever category you fall under, Montrose, Colorado and the surrounding areas have options for you. Here are some of the amazing companies in the Montrose area that offer horse services.

#1-Action Adventure

Action Adventure Trail Rides offers trail riding options with many different terrains for all different levels of riders. Let’s talk about the different options you have for trail rides when you use Action Adventure Trail Rides. The shortest ride, “The Wrangler Ride” being 1 hour is great for new or youth riders. This trail takes you on old jeep trails through historic mining areas in Ouray, Colorado. These trails overlook the valley and have a beautiful backdrop. For a little bit longer ride, “The Buckaroo Ride” is 2 hours long, and the most popular offering from Action Adventure Trail Rides. This ride offers many versatile trails for riders with all levels of experience. These rides also go on old jeep trails in the historic mining areas of Ouray, Colorado, but also include more trails that are only accessible by foot and horseback. There are 3 trails to choose from. The first one being The Cutler Creek Trail, which stays low and flat along the creek line. The second one is The Baldy Trail, which has switchbacks that quickly gain in elevation, allowing a view of the mountain peaks surrounding Ouray. The third ride offered in “The Buckaroo Ride” is The Storm Gulch Trail. This trail has great mountain views and includes both step ups and downs as well as creek crossings. For a “full Colorado horseback riding experience” they offer the 4 hour long “Ranch Hand Ride.”  This ride starts like the other rides, starting on an old jeep trail in historic mining areas of Ouray. The ride starts by gaining in elevation with The Baldy Trail. Once to the top of this trail you are surrounded by mountains, one of them being  the setting of John Wayne’s True Grit. Then to end the ride you take a loop around to The Storm Gulch Trail, descending to the creek bottom. The final ride they offer is “The Wilderness Overnight Ride.” This includes a 12 mile ride into the wilderness of the Uncompahgre. After the 12 miles you arrive to camp at the base of a 14,000 foot peak. This ride also includes a picnic, steak dinner, and pancake breakfast! Talk about an experience! You can definitely get the adventure you are looking for with Action Adventure Trail Rides.

#2- Pahgre Ranch

Pahgre Ranch is a veterinarian and farrier approved boarding facility just minutes from Montrose. The owners of this ranch have over 50 years of combined experience. Feel save leaving your horse(s) with knowledgeable and caring staff. All paddocks at the ranch have shelters and are cleaned daily. There is also a pasture with a large shelter. Your horse(s) will be checked on multiple times a day and have fresh clean water always available. Your horse(s) will be secure in an area that uses wood, finish line, and horse guard mono-polar hot tape fencing. To help ease your mind, there are security cameras running 24/7. Other than boarding options the ranch also offers; conditioning, graining, supplementing, fly spraying, blanketing and grooming services.

#3- Master’s Hand Training

Master’s Hand Training is just outside of Montrose. The boarding, training, and lessons are offered in Olathe, Colorado. Master’s Hand Training is owned by a couple who have both been working with horses since a young age, and then opened their boarding and training business 10 years ago. Quality boarding with full care is offered for your horse(s). Your horse(s) will enjoy 15 acres of safe ground. Your horse(s) will be fed hay twice a day, and grain as needed. When you board here you are welcome to use the riding area and have access to BLM land for miles of riding. Lessons for riding and how to work with your horse are also offered here. Lessons are offered for how to work with your horse, whether your horse(s) has had training and you need to learn how to use that training, or you want to learn how to train yourself. You may also take riding lessons, all levels are offered here. You can take lessons on your own horse, and if you don’t have one but still want to learn they have horses available for you to ride. Another thing Master’s Hand Training offers is horse training. Although horse training is only offered for select horses. The training is offered for a range from colt starting to performance horse training. They work with your horse(s) in a way they understand and build the confidence of your horse(s) so that they are responsive. Master’s Hand Training is a very diverse and great place to take your horse(s) for training, lessons, or boarding.

#4-Winter Sage Ranch

This ranch is referred to as a “Horse Hotel.” The ranch offers short term boarding for horse owners who travel and need a place for their horse(s) to stay. All horses are required to have their health certificates and coggins. The ranch is very reasonably priced, it is $15 per night per horse, and $10 for each bale of hay. The ranch offers 30 ft runs and a round pen so that the horses have space, and a place to let out energy. The location of the ranch is convenient, located just 1 mile off highway 50.


I would love to hear about any of your horse adventures or experiences with any of these companies! Please feel free to comment or email me.