I may have landed in Montrose, Colorado, but I am an eternal adventurer. Sailing up and down the Pacific coast, racing sail boats and

traveling by water in my earlier years, I have gained much in the way of experience and vision. There’s nothing like the expanse of the Pacific Ocean to put things into perspective. Living in Montrose, CO has let me pursue another dream, horses, and owning my own little farm.After owning my own Real Estate brokerage, I decided to join the Phelps Real Estate Group, LLC real estate office in Montrose, CO to further my goals as a real estate agent and better serve my people. I loved the ocean, but the Rocky Mountains are my home now, and working with Phelps Real Estate Group, LLC. has given me the opportunity to better serve my clientele “from start to sold!”

What makes me different?

Well, aside from my zest for life and appreciation for the beauty of this area, I am a low-pressure operator with very high communication skills.  This process isn’t about throwing you into the first house I find. It’s about finding the perfect home for you and your family. Beyond that, I am very experienced in remodels for both buildings and homes.

Plus, I can help you sell your home!

When it’s time to move, you need someone who will do everything possible to get your property sold.  I go above and beyond to make this transition an easy and profitable one for you as you move to the next phase of your life.

Frankly, we live in a beautiful area, which makes it easy to become passionate about finding new homes for new people to experience the awesome grandeur of this picturesque place.  So, if you’ve got a little adventure in you too and you want someone to stay with you every step of the process “from start to sold,” I am the Realtor for you.


What Our Clients Are Saying: